A curse unites them. Undeniable desire keeps them together. Unclear motives, demons, & a 400-year old vampire witch threatens to separate them forever. Kai's supernatural abilities grow stronger every second she's with Darien. She must keep him. But how does she handle a secret so deep, it's in her soul? And will she submit if the one she fights for is pulling the strings?

FYRE is a fast-paced dark paranormal romance series that crosses over into superhero fiction later on.

STAY TUNED! The first book in the series will be available soon, and books two and three are in the making!

See below for snippents from Book One: Awakened.

fyre series

FYRE- book one


Smoke and flames fill the night as ash falls from the sky like tainted snowflakes. Blood flows into a crimson river where lifeless bodies litter the streets.
Darien follows the fear-filled screams that ride the cold wind, leading him to the large statuesque fountain that sits in the center of town; the ambient water that used to provide comfort now flows red. Several bodies rest in and around the once picturesque scene. Darien looks down at the small motionless body lying in the cold dirt at his feet. His glowing ice-blue eyes filling with sorrow, he slowly kneels. Carefully, he places his hand on the child’s shoulder, applying just enough pressure to gently turn her over. “May-” He whispers mournfully at the listless body of Elizabeth’s younger sister. As he examines the other bodies surrounding the fountain, Darien confirms that they are in fact the remaining members of Elizabeth Ransens family. She’s killed them all.
Laughter rings from nearby; a crazed, sinister sound. Against the stinging pull of his broken heart, Darien follows the sound with great caution. There she stands, Elizabeth, the woman he admired, that he risked all for, gazing into the fire that ravages the small town’s only church- the fire that she brought to life. Her beauty’s faded, turned wild, depraved. Thick, dark blood soaks her hair and gown. Her violet eyes spark fiercely, malice overtaking their once brilliant gleam.
Darien’s frozen, his bright eyes are wide. What can he do, he created this fiend. He can only watch in horror as the woman he loves viciously rips apart the entire town

Suddenly, a rustling sound coming from the second floor catches my attention. With animal-like instinct I rush up the stairs, blade extended, and pause at the top, working to locate the sound. There it is again, coming from my bedroom. I tilt my head, remembering that I left my door open when I first came down. Why is it now closed?  “What the hell is going on?” I exhale quietly as I slowly turn the doorknob.

No, not again; not now. Not here.

“He looks like he’s just sleeping,” I barely whisper. Strangely, I feel the urge to poke him, to see if he’s really dead; this could be a prank after all. I wouldn’t put it passed Maleek, or whoever put that damn heart in my kitchen. I place my arm into the coffin, reaching toward his wrist to check for a pulse. As my hand moves closer to his, a funny feeling stirs in the pit of my stomach, like my body is trying to warn me of something. I’ve felt this before. "I know your face . . . Holy Shit!"

I hold the vial in one hand, observing its intricate markings when quick-as-a-flash his hand grabs my wrist; I don’t have enough time to react. My mouth opens at his cold touch, but nothing comes out. I drop the vial and look at his face, my eyes ample with disbelief. I pull my arm frantically, trying to free myself, but to no avail- he’s too strong, his grip too tight. Terrified, I stare at his still sleeping face and attempt to pry his fingers off my wrist, but they won’t release. Panic rises quickly. His eyes begin opening slowly, yet I can already see their magnificent ice-blue glow. I need to find a way out.

“For the record, Kai’s willingly given herself to me. This allows me access to her any time, any place- as if it mattered. I’d come for her if I wanted her regardless.” He glances toward me with a mischievous half-grin.

“Really?! She doesn't belong to you- demon.” Maleek blurts coldly.
“Doesn’t she?” Darien’s grin spreads as he glances to me from over his shoulder.

“Planning to jump?” a voice from behind breaks my thoughts. I turn around, nearly scream, and see Darien sitting comfortably at the foot of my bed, watching me with a mysterious flicker in his eyes. I take a deep breath and compose the myself best I can.
“Are you here to kill me?” I step backward onto the veranda, my body wavering. Darien shrugs as he examines the carvings in my bedpost.
“Haven’t decided.” He stands and takes a few steps closer.
I’m near panting at the thought of his touch, yet apprehension still finds its way in; danger radiating off of him. I can’t stop staring at his eyes, illuminating my dimly lit room as he approaches. I back into the railing, realizing I have no escape as I briefly look at the ground, twenty feet below.
Darien suddenly appears next to me, following my gaze down to the ground.
“It’s quite far. You’re likely to severely injure yourself, or worse, if you land wrong. Want to give it a go?” He teases as he leans on the rail and looks vaguely around the yard.
Startled at how quickly he’s next to me, I gasp and pull back, but he grabs my wrist and smiles.
“You’re a fascinating woman, Kai, you really are. You want me to pursue you; you actually enjoy it.”

“Who’s there?” I say louder, expecting it to echo back as before. I listen intently, but it’s quiet for a moment; just the sound of water falling from the shower head.
“WE ARE!” Multiple little voices screech back at me. Surprised, I let out a scream. Then, there's movement at the window to my right. I turn quickly to get a better look. I no sooner turn my head when I see something move across the far side of the room. There's definitely more than one, whatever they are, running around the bathroom. They chant my name over and over. I hear footsteps, but can’t see anything!

“She’s going to burst in the room with that broken bat and try to stab me in the heart while I sleep, or toss holy water onto me, or something. Isn’t she?” he asks not entirely joking.

“No, she’s not, she’s just . . . I’m sorry about her. I should’ve been completely open about this from the beginning. Maybe then she’d be more comfortable. Please don’t take her bitchiness to heart. She’ll warm up to you once she gets to know you, who wouldn’t?” I express sensitively, though I can’t help but giggle at the thought of Maleek playing Van Helsing. Darien smirks, shaking his head.

“I just don’t want you to hate me for having to put her in her place if she does.” He winks and gives me that sly smile.

“What the-” I manage before Darien is back on the bed with both hands on my arms, pinning me down, his blazing blue eyes looking directly into mine.

“What’s going on, Kai? I don’t understand? It can’t be what I see yet I see what it is! Why? I -- I don’t want to hurt you,” he presses forward as he examines my face, looking deeply into my fear-filled eyes.



literary series by n.m. Godlove